Virtual reality our future

Our IT Team joined forces with colleagues at Byrnhill Grove, one of our residential care homes on the Isle of Wight, to try out an innovative approach to care for dementia patients

Following a visit to the home earlier this year, our IT Team looked at some research that showed that using virtual reality headsets could reduce depression and anxiety in people with dementia.

The technology provides patients with stimuli they wouldn’t normally be able to experience due to mobility issues and cost. This can lead to a reduction in hostility towards staff, and help to recall old memories which may have faded over time.

So after a short and successful trial we’ve invested in some virtual reality headsets to use at Byrnhill Grove, and over the next few months we’ll be supplying more to our sheltered homes at Furze Break, and in Ryde Village when it opens next year. We’re delighted that the latest technology can be put to such good use.

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