Making the most of your money

Whether you’re struggling to make your money stretch to the end of the month, or want to know if you’re getting everything you’re entitled to…we can help.


Our Financial Skills Officers can help you to:

· Find out what benefits you may be entitled to

· Challenge benefit decisions you think are incorrect

· Save money on utilities and other household expenses

· Apply for grants to help with essential household items

· Understand your rights and access independent specialist debt advice


Are you struggling to keep up with your debt repayments?

There are lots of ‘debt management’ companies who will offer to deal with all your creditors for you “in one simple, monthly payment” in exchange for a monthly fee.

There are several other debt advice services which will offer free, independent advice on your options and in some cases they may even be able to offer you a debt management plan without any monthly fees, so everything you pay goes towards paying off your debts.

Even if they cannot offer you a managed plan, they can help you to negotiate your own arrangements with creditors directly.

Here are two such companies – both offer online and telephone advice services: StepChange Debt Charity and PayPlan

Loan Sharks

Loan sharks are unlicensed money lenders, who often charge very high interest rates and can use violence or threats of violence to make people pay.

If you think you, or someone you know, has borrowed money from a loan shark you can get confidential help and advice from the Stop Loan Sharks campaign by calling 0300 555 2222, or you can email

To find out more about loan sharks or make an anonymous report online, visit: Stop Loan Sharks website.

What benefits are you entitled to?

There are several free online benefit calculators you can use to check your entitlement. Our favourites are: Entitled To, Policy In Practice and Turn2Us

Looking for other ways to save money?

MoneySavingExpert is an excellent website, with lots of information on ways to save money in all areas of life, as well as consumer rights and debt advice.

They have a very active forum where you can get advice and suggestions from other users on a range of issues.

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