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 A helping hand on reducing your energy and water bills

Finding the best energy deal

If you’ve never switched gas or electricity supplier, it’s very likely that you could save up to around £200 per year by doing so. You can compare different tariffs and suppliers and find how much you could expect to save using free comparison websites. These websites make it easy for you to find the best deal based on your annual energy use or expenditure (you can find this information on your bills or by contacting your energy supplier).

Smart meter roll out

Smart meters can help you accurately monitor your energy usage and automatically send regular meter readings to your energy supplier, putting an end to confusing estimated energy bills.

Between now and 2020, energy suppliers will offer to replace all domestic gas and electricity meters with free smart meters. For more information visit the Smart Energy GB website.

Could you be saving money on your utility bills?

Saving water can help reduce both your water and your energy bills by:

· Switching to a water meter, especially if you are living on your own or if there are fewer occupants than bedrooms in your home. Find out here if a water meter is the right option for you.

· Making some lifestyle changes; your water supplier may also be able to provide you with free water saving devices.

· Checking if you are eligible for reduced water charges, if your household is on a low income or receives certain benefits. Contact your water supplier to find out more.

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