Back to work 2021/22

Employment support for residents

We understand that this is an uneasy time for many of our residents, and that some of them may have had changes to their employment.

At Southern Housing Group we create, fund and deliver projects to help residents access employment, skills and training opportunities.

Whether you are looking for work, want a better job, change careers or start your own business- we are here to help you!

As the Community Investment Team within Southern 360, we help residents get the most out of life, providing support to individuals and investing in services which benefit whole communities.

Our dedicated Employment Skills Officers are always happy to answer any of your questions over the phone or via email.


Employment Offer

Our Employment Skills Team can:

  • Help you to access local employment advice, training and education opportunities
  • Provide funding to help cover the cost of looking for work or gaining qualifications
  • Help you access our weekly employment webinars delivered by specialist employment staff to help you on your journey to employment
  • Provide you with access to a personalised online employment support service, Stay Nimble.
  • Support you to access projects we are running in your area which may be of interest to you
  • Plan for changes to your income/benefits when you get a job


Meet our Employment Support Team

John Gleeson, Head of Community Investment North

“The Group is committed to supporting our residents access employment and training opportunities. We are living in unprecedented times, and know that many people are facing uncertainty when it comes to employment. We will continue to develop services, partnerships and opportunities to help our residents with their employment needs.”

Sarah Hampton, Employment Support Officer (Kent / Surrey)

“Having worked for Southern Housing Group for six years, I am fully committed in advising and assisting residents who would like support around employment and work-related options. My focus now is to work locally and across the Group with other providers and deliver employment related projects our residents can join.

I am now keen to engage online with residents, wherever they are, offering services delivered in the safety of their own homes. Working digitally means I can liaise with all residents in any area to offer advice, help with costs and funding to make lives and situations better where we can.”

Rachel Dolan, Employment Skills Officer (London)

“I’ve been with the Group since 2011 and have been an Employment Skills Officer since 2016. My passion is helping our residents to find work and training opportunities, to support them with getting their confidence back, especially if they have been out of work for a long time. I cover Hackney, Islington, Waltham Forest, Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea and Reading areas. I am also part of the team that delivers online employment support.”


For more information please email: or call on 0300 020 0549.

Get in Touch

If you would like to speak to someone, or find out more about the support available, you can contact the team directly:

0300 020 0549
Email us