Welcome to Southern 360

Southern 360 is committed to making meaningful contributions to people’s lives and helping local communities thrive.

Be it helping you manage your finances or offering employment support, helping you find safe secure housing in later life or providing outstanding care services, our team is standing by.

Our Community Investment Team offers opportunities to improve your finances, access employment and training, and a range of other services and projects to make a difference to your life.

We also have a grants programme to help build inclusive and thriving communities.

Our Supporting Care and Independence team help people live independently, either in their own homes or in one of our supported housing schemes.

Our Independent Living for Later Life properties provide safe and secure housing for our older residents.

Who We Are

Southern 360 provides care, support, independent housing for later life and community investment services for Southern Housing Group.

The Group is one of the largest and most respected housing associations in southern England providing 28,000 homes for over 72,000 people, plus a range of services to support communities.

We provide high-quality housing solutions to a diverse customer base, across a range of tenures – from supported living and affordable homes to full market rent, shared ownership and outright private sales.

Southern Housing Group is a business with social objectives
and we proudly reinvest every penny of our profits in new homes
and improving our services, making meaningful contributions to people’s lives and helping local communities thrive.

Reports and downloads

Click to download a range of reports and brochures from across the Southern 360 offer.



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